it happens now

Across the world, the final days slip by, toppling over one another in their eagerness to end the monotonous measuring of the World's life. It is the time of the finishing, the time of the Apocalypse. How would you tell a tale so large, spanning a thousand lives, a billion hopes and sorrows? How could you tell a story which was a thousand stories, each as precious and valuable as human life?

How, ultimately, could you weave a tale which happens in dozens of countries, hundred of cities, thousands of minds? A horror story for every day of the year. A new shiver for every morning. Apocalypse Year: The Book of Days is an event unlike any other.

Released over the course of the year 2000 as a series of electronic chapbooks, each is available from 3-legged Dog Press on the first day of the month it relates to. No ordinary collections are these, for each is downloaded straight into your computer, dripping with graphics, art, and music.

The countdown has already begun . . . . . . and it is time for a fair taste of the future. As the Internatial Dateline slips itself into the first minutes of the twenty-first century, Apocalypse Year: The Book of Days made its debut. Keen on achieving a copy of the first thirty-one stories to keep yourself company through the cold days of January? A horror story for every day. Each story is authored
by Richard Wright and is accompanied by the ingenious artwork of Joachim Luetke.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.